Media ry

Helsingin yliopiston viestinnän opiskelijat

Media ry is the registered association of everyone studying Media and Communication Studies at University of Helsinki. A student board is selected annually in December and it manages the association. Anyone can participate even if they’re not a member of the board.

Our most important mission is to make sure that the students’ interests are taken into account in the faculty when making decisions and planning the future.

We hold various kinds of events for our students, such as student parties, visits to cultural events and adventures. We want to make everyone feel welcome to these events. Media ry is in co-operation with various organisations and institutions. These connections make, for instance, different kinds of excursions possible.

Internationality is really important to us. We inform about our events, internships and such both in Finnish and in English. We have special tutors for international students and communicate with international students’ association CISSI. We also encourage our students to go to explore the world as exchange students.

We hope to see you at our events! You are also welcome to write to our awarded magazine Groteski.

Feel free to contact us regarding any ideas, questions or comments you have. You can find the board members’ contact information from here.